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We do not collect private information

This site does not require your login. Therefore, the site does not collect your personal information such as your phone number, address, and billing information.

In addition, our site does not require registration, so we do not collect, nor store or request, personal information. However, if you want to subscribe, you can save your email address. The email address is securely protected by a secure protocol.

This site will not collect or store any personal information other than your email address. Therefore, we do not share or provide them with third parties.

The site provides users with free content by default. Therefore, we do not send e-mails for promotional purposes and require no charge. If you send an email requesting payment information by impersonating the site, it may be subject to legal penalties.

Web site contents & IP has intellectual property rights to all content posted on the site. If you broadcast, illegally reproduce, or reuse the contents without consultation in advance, they may be subject to legal punishment. In addition, we will inform you in advance that the content displayed on the site is only for the sake of fun.

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